Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas with Peanut as she celebrated her first Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent with the Meyers family at our home. Here she is sitting with her cousin's Matthew and Sarah in front of our Christmas tree before we opened presents. Poor Matthew was such a good sport as he was so eager to open presents. He was so patient waiting for all the grown ups to finish eating and then worked so hard herding us into the formal room only to be stalled by me wanting some cousin pictures. He didn't seem to mind too much as he enjoyed holding his cousin. So sweet. Here she is with her Daddy opening her stalking for the very first time. She got some bath toys, new plastic bibs and her first Christmas ornament to start her collection.
Here she is with me opening her first present, a piggy bank. She caught on to the ripping of paper very quickly.
Here we are at my mom's on Christmas evening opening gifts as a family. Here she got a pig that walks and oinks. So cute. The theme for her was pigs this year and not something we planned, it just happened.
The pig was from her Aunt Jessie, Uncle Steven and Cousin Camden.A video of Peanut playing with her Christmas presents at home on Christmas morning.

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Daryl & Diana said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Brynna's special lovey is a piggy.