Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bok Choy anyone?

Ava says "yes"! She'll eat bok choy but not broccoli? I don't get it. She must get it from her cousin Camden. :o) So the story is, since being a mommy I'm trying to feed Ava healthy things, things I never ate much growing up. Don't worry, I eat them too. I've discovered in my adult life that there are vegetables out there that I do like that I've never really had growing up. One of them being squash. I love it in soup and baked with butter and salt and pepper. I also really like sweet potatoes and yams. Mmmm, the fries are the best and a friend turned me on to sweet potato pie. Delicious! I now enjoy cooking a lot more, especially since I've been introduced to the allrecipes website. (Thanks Jessie :o) Check it out sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying I didn't feed you healthy growing up! :) Ava's sooo cute!